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Individual Biographies

P. T. Barnum: The World’s Greatest Showman

Two Thomas Hart Bentons The Senator and the Painter

Great Lawyers of the 20’s:  Earl Rodgers, Clarence Darrow, William Fallon

Charles Lindbergh: Hero and Hypocrite

Richard Nixon: An American Tragedy

Joseph Pulitzer: The Father of Journalism

A Tale of God, Greed and Money: The Rockefeller Saga

Will Rogers: The Man Everyone Loved

The Remarkable Eleanor Roosevelt*

The Indomitable Theodore Roosevelt

Theatrical Giants: P. T. Barnum, Buffalo Bill Cody, Florenz Zigfeld, Jr.

Harry Truman: Much More than an Ordinary Man

Three Women: the Treacherous, The Bold and the Brilliant

Mark Twain:  His Wit, His Words, His Life


Special Topics

Daring Dames of History

St. Louis Disasters and Survivors

Faith Healers or Fake Healers: You Decide

FBI: Secrets of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI

Famous Feuds and Rivalries

Flapper Era: Gateway to Modernity

Germans: The Stirring Story of the Germans in St. Louis

Irish: The Inspiring Story of the Irish in St. Louis

Medical Quackery, Fraud and Flimflam

Missourians: Hall of Famous Missourians

Murders on Trial

St. Louis MysteryThe Unbelievable Story of Pearl Curran/Patience Worth

Supreme Court: Justices for All

Polio in America: The Tragedy and the Triumph

Weird Tales of Love, Art, Baseball and Madness

Women in Business: Shattering the Glass Ceiling


Historical Overviews

Funny History of American Comedy

History of Funeral Customs: Funky Funerals and Funny Epitaphs

History of Kitchens: Amusing History of Kitchens, Cutlery and Manners

History of Makeup: From the Beautiful to the Bizarre

History of Prostitution: The World’s Oldest Profession

History of Underwear: The Naked Truth about Underwear

History of Veiled Prophet: Beneath the Veil

History of Wedding Customs: Why We Do What We Do When We Say I Do

An "*" denotes a NEW TALK in the History Talks lecture series

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